The Hodgkins Of Halesowen.



William and Mary Hodgkins had the following children all christened at Halesowen,


Edward christened 28 November 1750 died 22 February 1756

James   christened 27 October 1752

William   christened 25 July 1755

John christened 29 June 1757

Ned  christened 31 August 1759

Joseph  christened 25 March 1764

Christopher christened 29 June 1766 died  20 December 1767                 



William , born 1755, married Hannah ?  and they had the following children all christened in Halesowen:


Sarah christened 4 August 1779

Thomas christened 18 February 1781


Thomas married Elizabeth Raybould 21 February 1805 at Halesowen. They had the following children in Halesowen,


Benjamin christened  17 August 1806

Samuel christened 17 April 1808

Henry christened 24 February 1811


In the 1851 census, Elizabeth was living with Samuel at Little Cornbow Halesowen



HODGKINS Elizabeth Head W 77 Proprietor of houses WOR Stourbridge

HODGKINS Samuel Son U 42 Annuitant WOR Halesowen


Neither Benjamin nor Henry can be located in the 1851 census and Elizabeth was a widow


Ned Hodgkins born 1759 married Sarah?. They had the following children. All christened in Halesowen


Mary christened  4 June 1780

Frances christened  5 May 1782

Ann christened  5 August 1787

George christened  8 May 1792

Edward christened 20 May 1801



Benjamin Hodgkins born 1806 , married Sarah Thomas  at St Phillips Church Birmingham on  22June 1828.

They had the following children, all christened at Halesowen:


Thomas christened 24 May 1829

Francis christened 16 January 1831

Elizabeth christened 27 February 1833

Emma christened 20 December 1835

Henry christened 3 December 1837

Benjamin christened 1 December  1839

Edmund christened  12 November 1841

Sarah christened 4 October 1843

Harriet 1849


The 1851 census shows:



HODGKINS Sarah Head W 40 Annuitant HEF Dilwyn

HODGKINS Thomas Son U 21 Cordwainer WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Elizabeth Daughter U 18 WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Henry Son 13 Scholar WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Benjamin Son 11 Scholar WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Edmund Son 9 Scholar WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Sarah Daughter 7 Scholar WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Harriet Daughter 2 Scholar WOR Halesowen



Francis born 1831, married Ann Williams at Oldswinford on   23 September 1850. They had the following children, all christened in Halesowen:


Thomas christened 23 February 1851

Benjamin christened 30 April 1854

George christened 26 November 1856

William christened 25 September 1859

Helen christened

Mary christened 25 December 1864

Elizabeth christened 31 March 1867

And possibly another daughter Helen in 1861


The following extract from the 1851 census shows Francis, Ann and family living at Little Cornbow Halesowen with Annís parents. Pricilla Williams was Annís daughter



WILLIAMS William Head M 69 Nailor WOR Halesowen

WILLIAMS Ann Wife M 69 Governess WOR Hagley

HODGKINS Francis Head M 20 Nailor WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Ann Wife M 25 Nailor WOR Halesowen

WILLIAMS Pricilla Daughter 4 WOR Halesowen

HODGKINS Thomas Son 6M WOR Halesowen



The 1861 census shows:




Francis HODGKINS Head M 29 Nail maker  WOR Halesowen

Ann HODGKINS Wife M 35 Nail maker  WOR Halesowen

Priscilla HODGKINS  Daughter 13 Nail maker WOR Halesowen

Thomas HODGKINS Son 10  scholar WOR Halesowen

William HODGKINS Son 2 WOR Halesowen


The following extract shows Francis and family in 1871:  



Francis HODGKINS  Head Widower     40 Nail maker Wor Halesowen

Thomas ditto        Son Unmarried      19 Bricklayers lab Wor Halesowen

William  ditto        Son                      11 Scholar  Wor Halesowen

Ellen      ditto         Dau                      9  Scholar Wor Halesowen

Mary    ditto           Dau                      7 Scholar Wor Halesowen


Mary Hodgkins was born on 3 May 1864 at Cornbow Halesowen  and her birth was registered on 24 May 1864.

The informant was her mother Ann Hodgkins.


In the December quarter of 1895, Mary married Richard Davey, the son of Thomas and Ann Davey, nee Matthews of Rail Head Isleworth  Middlesex. Richard was born on 24 March 1860 at Rail Head. His fatherís profession was given as Garden Labourer.


Tracey Hodgkins writes:

You said on your site that you were particularly interested in knowing about the children of Benjamin and Sarah Hodgkins, who, you might recall, are my great-great-great grandparents. I have spent quite a bit of time researching that line, because of the obvious connection I suppose, and I have some dates and information I thought you might like to know. Some of it I am sure you must already know by now, but I have found out quite a bit and thought it worth sharing. I am still looking for evidence for some of my information, but still consider it worth sharing.

As you will know, Benjamin and Sarah had nine children. Thomas born in 1829, was a cordwainer. I know you know that. I researched Thomas and was able to find him on the 1841 and 1851 census, but thereafter there was nothing. I couldnít find a marriage that fits either. However, very recently I found a death for a Thomas Hodgkins in 1853 in Kingís Norton, now known as Smethwick, where, ironically, my Dad originated from. I have also found a burial record for a Thomas Hodgkins in Halesowen. The age of the deceased would be the age our Thomas would have been in 1853. I wondered about whether or not it was possible that Thomas could have died in Kingís Norton and still buried in Halesowen, but something tells me that it is him. At some point I will get the death certificate. Iím hoping the informant of the death might be a family member. That might indicate something.

Francis Hodgkins, my great-great grandfather, was born in 1831. As you know he married Ann Williams in 1850 in Old Swinford. I still want to ascertain whether Francis was the father of Priscilla, born to Ann in 1847, and I hope to get her birth certificate soon. However, I know for sure that they certainly had 7 other children together, one of whom, Mary, I think you said is related to your wife? I have information on most of the children, including Ellen, born in 1861. She married William Samuel Eborall in 1885 and had children with him, two boys and a girl. In 1907 the family left the country and moved to Canada. Ellen died in 1949 in Ontario, Canada. I am sure Francis Hodgkins himself died in 1894.

However, back to Benjamin and Sarahís other children.  Elizabeth, Benjamin and Sarahís first daughter, was born in 1833. I believe she married William Watkins in November 1851. They had seven children together. I have found an Elizabeth Watkins of the right age (give or take) on censusís up to 1881. I am still looking for an 1891 census for her, but I believe she died in 1897.

Emma Hodgkins was born in 1835. I believe she married George Hadgkiss/Hodgkiss (still trying to ascertain which name is right, but believe it is Hadgkiss) in 1856. They had two children together that I know of (from the censusís). Emma died in 1897.

Henry Hodgkins was born in 1837 and married Sarah Bayliss in 1863. I knew of five children they had together, from the censusís, however I think I have found two more, twins who did not live long. In my research I have found an Edith Hodgkins born to a Henry and Sarah Hodgkins in 1872. She was christened on 7th January 1873 and died on 12th January 1873.

I have also found a George Thomas Hodgkins, born in the same period as Edith to a Henry and Sarah Hodgkins. George Thomas must have either died shortly after birth or was stillborn as no age is shown.

Henry Hodgkins himself died in 1896.

Benjamin Hodgkins was born in 1839. Benjamin was difficult to trace because I found him easily up to 1851 and then lost him. I think I found him at some sort of barracks (army?) in Gosport, Hampshire, in 1861. The Benjamin Hodgkins on that census was born in Halesowen at around the right time, so I believe it is him. I couldnít find him at all on the 1871 census, but I am still looking. I found him on a Scottish census in 1881, in Govan Church, Lanarkshire, Scotland, by which time he is married to a Scottish woman called Marian. I have no idea when or where they married. In 1891 I found both Benjamin and Marian back in England in Smethwick. In the 1901 census Benjamin appears to be in the Kingís Norton Union Workhouse, now Selly Oak Hospital. However, I have found his wife in Birmingham, living with a daughter, also called Marian, who was born around 1892. They appear to have had other children, six, who have all died. I am wondering if there are sets of twins involved. I could not find Benjamin on the 1911 census, but I did find his wife, who is down as a widow. I tried looking for a 1911 death for a Benjamin Hodgkins, but found nothing. However, I did find a 1912 death for a Benjamin Hodgkins who would be the right age, give or take. It is hard to tell for sure that it is him, except that the age is about right. I just wonder why his wife would say he was dead before he actually was, if that was the case, and why he isnít on the 1911 census, at least as far as I can find out. Iíll get the death certificate for this Benjamin Hodgkins and see if it tells me anything useful.

Edmund Hodgkins, born in 1841, is another confusing one in that I lost him really early on. Eventually I found what I am convinced is a marriage for him, at St Phillips in Birmingham in June 1860, to Emma Oakey.  Thereafter I lost him again, but I am beginning to think I have discovered him on the 1861 census in Birmingham. He is down (I think) as just Hodgkins, though his wife is there as Emma. The only thing I have to go on is that this Hodgkins was born in Halesowen at around the time our Edmund was, and I know Edmund Hodgkins married an Emma. This Hodgkins is also the right age. It gets worse on the 1871 census, where his first name has somehow become Edward, or almost that. It is hard to tell if it is an error or a name change for some reason. However, by this time the couple have a child, John, whose age, according to Ancestry, is fourteen, but looking at other places for information, I believe he was in fact born in 1861. In 1881 I believe I have found Edmund (again as Edward) and Emma in Yorkshire. However, I have found a death record for an Edmund Hodgkins in 1884 in Aston, Warwickshire. I need to get certificates to verify some of my information, I know it all sounds a bit shaky to say the least. I will let you know when I know more.

Sarah Hodgkins, as you know, was born in 1843 in Halesowen. She married Robert Lytton Edwards in December 1861 at Aston Juxta. They appear to have had one child before they were married, a girl, Martha Maria Edwards. However, it gets interesting from then on. At some point, I donít know when, Sarah and her husband left the country. They moved to Australia. I am still sorting out how many children they had there, but I believe it is 11. It just depends on whether or not I have one child down twice under two different years of birth. Anyway, what I do know for sure is that Sarah died in Australia in 1918.

Finally, in 1849 Harriett Hodgkins was born. She married Charles Lea in 1872 and they had one child that I know of, George Harry Lea, born in 1879. I believe she was widowed in 1885. Harriett died in 1911, and interestingly I have a probate record for her. She left her son £110 13s and 6d in her will. I know from the 1911 census that her son was a commercial clerk. I believe he enlisted into the army in 1916 at the age of 37. I have a record to show this. I am still looking for further records for George Harry Lea, but I think he survived WWI.

I hope some of that is helpful.


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