The Southall's of Cradley and Hales Owen


William Southall born circa 1750 married Elizabeth ? also born circa 1750 at Hales Owen in 1769. 

There was another William Southall and Elizabeth ( nee Snowe) in the area at the time but they were slightly older.


 WILLIAM SOUTHALL   was born about 1770 in Halesowen Worcs, and died about. 1828 in Cradley Worcs.  He married  SARAH NOCK April 30, 1792 in St Johns Parish Church Halesowen Worcs, daughter of MOSES NOCK and PHOEBE PARKES.  She was born about 1771 in Rowley Regis Staffs, and died before 1794.  He then married  SUSANNAH WESTWOOD December 8, 1794 in St Johns Parish Church Halesowen Worcs, daughter of ISSAC WESTWOOD and HANNAH WEBSTER.  She was born about 1772 in Rowley Regis Staffs.  

Susannah Westwood was baptised at St Giles Church Rowley Regis on June 6th 1771

Witnesses at Susannah's marriage to William were Issac Westwood, her brother and Richard Fiddian who was probably a Church Warden.

  contributed by L Lamberg


There is evidence to suggest that William Southall born 1750 was buried at Hales Owen on 24/6/1830, aged 83        

The children of William and Susannah Southall were:  

Hannah baptised 6 March 1796 at Rowley Regis

William born 3 March 1799 Cradley 

George  born 1802 Cradley;  baptised 18 March 1804 St Peters Cradley

Sushannah born circa 1806; baptised 2 February 1806 Cradley.

Thomas born 25 March 1807 Cradley;  baptised 12 April 1807 St Peters Cradley

Mary born circa 1808 Cradley;  baptised  30 October 1808 St Peters Cradley

Issac born  1811 Cradley;  baptised  3 November 1811 St Peters Cradley

Joseph born circa 1816 Cradleybaptised  27 June 1816 St Peters Cradley.  Burial June 1817 St Peters Cradley  

William Southall born 1799 married Mary Gill on 29 July 1820 at Hales Owen.

Mary Gill, born 25 February 1801 at Cradley, was the daughter of Joseph and Hester Gill nee Bloomer.  

Joseph Gill and Hester Gill had the following children:


Ann           baptised        8/8/1802

Sarah        baptised       16/12/1810 

Elizabeth  baptised         6/4/1817

Daniel       baptised         20/1/1823

Joseph     baptised          20/1/1823

William, a nailer, Mary and their family were living at Butchers Lane in 1841 and at Ash Bank Cradley in 1851.Mary Gill was christened at St Peters Cradley on 18/1/1802.

Their Offspring were: 

Fanny born circa 1826 Cradley;       baptised  25 June 1837 Hales Owen

Susanna born 1829 Cradley;             baptised  25 June 1837 Hales Owen

William born circa 1831 Cradley

Mary Ann born circa 1833 Cradleybaptised  25 June 1837 Hales Owen

Joseph born circa 1836 Cradley;        baptised  25 June 1837 Hales Owen.

Elizabeth born 18 March 1838 Cradley

Sophia born 31 January 1842 Overend Cradley


Mary Ann Southall born 1833 married Jesse (James) Billingham on 28/2/1853 at St Thomas’ Dudley. In 1861 they were living at 173 Butchers Lane with their children, Mariah aged 7, Sara A aged 5, Anne aged 1 and a John White aged 19.

Elizabeth Southall born 1838 married Thomas Bate on 28/8/1859 at Cradley. Thomas Bate was the son of Samuel and Mary and was born before 1838 in Rowley Regis.

Sophia Southall, born 1842, married John Lambeth on 25/7/1859 at the Parish Church Cradley. John was born before 1834, the son of John Lambeth.

Sophia married Thomas Hemming on May 8 1865 in Quinton Parish Church, Long Lane. Thomas was the son of William and Hannah (Hollins). He was born before 1842 at Cradley.

In 1861 Sophia and John lived at 129 Ash Bank. Witnesses at their wedding were Jesse and Mary Ann Billingham.

Thomas and Sophia nee Southall's child was William Henry Hemmings born 1/12/1865 at Ash Bank, died 11/9/1928 at Salt Lake City Utah.

William Southall born 1799 died 4 February 1869 at Cradley.

In 1881, Mary Southall nee Gill was living at 25 Butchers Lane with a John Cooper and his wife. Mary was classified as blind.

She died there on 16 September 1884 of ‘old age’. Her niece Fanny Roberts was in attendance.

Living there in 1881 was George Southall age 62 described as a pauper.

George born 1802 married Hannah Buffey  born circa 1804, on Christmas Day1822 at Hales Owen. In 1861, this family was living at 137 Ash Bank Cradley.

Their offspring were:

Stephen born circa 1825

Ann born circa 1826  

William born circa 1831

George born circa 1833  

Joseph born circa 1836 was living at 24 Canting Row Cradley in 1861 with his wife Emma (nee Willetts) aged 24 years and their son Felix age 5 months.

In 1881, Joseph and Emma were living at Vine Street, Quarry Bank with George aged 23, Felix, aged 20, Joseph aged 10 and Emily aged 7  

Mary  A born circa 1838

Phillip born circa 1842

Caroline born circa 1842 (age given as 19 in 1861 Census)

Felix born 1842 (Age given as 19 in 1861 Census)

Elizabeth born 1845 (age given as 17 in 1861 Census but called Eleanor? in 1851 Census)

(Felix did not appear in the 1851 Census and Philip did not appear in the 1861 Census. Was it the same person?? )

George’s wife Ann was not listed in the 1861 Census.

In 1852, Stephen was living at Butchers Lane, with Eliza, George aged 5 and Eliza aged 1.Also living there was John Maxfield , a 30 year old Nail maker from Chester.

In  1861, Stephen was living at 135 Ash Bank with his wife, Eliza aged 33,George aged 15, Eliza aged 11, Hannah aged 9, Stephen 5 and Caroline 1

In 1881 Stephen and Eliza were living alone on Windmill Hill

Ann Southall , born circa 1826, married a Harper, but was living with her parents at Ashes Bank in 1851 with her son Charles aged 1 year.

George born 1802 died in 1875 age 73 and was buried at Cradley on 30/12/1875

Living next door to Stephen and Eliza in 1881 were son George and his family:  

 George SOUTHALL  M  34 Head M Cradley Horse Nail Maker
Eleanor A. SOUTHALL M  30 Wife F Cradley Heath
George SOUTHALL   4 Son M Cradley Scholar
David SOUTHALL  1 Son M Colley Gate
George SOUTHALL M 49 Head M Cradley Horse Nail Maker
Lucy SOUTHALL M 48 Wife F Cradley
George SOUTHALL  U 20 Son M Cradley Horse Nail Maker
Benjamin SOUTHALL U 18 Son M Cradley Horse Nail Maker
Alfred SOUTHALL  U 16 Son M Cradley Horse Nail Maker
Mary A. SOUTHALL 14 Dau F Cradley Scholar  
Mary A. SOUTHALL 8 Dau F Cradley Scholar  
Clare SOUTHALL  6 Dau F Cradley Scholar  
Major SOUTHALL 4 Son M Cradley Scholar  
Walter SOUTHALL   1 Son M Cradley


George born circa 1832 has yet to be identified but it would appear that he was the son of George and Hannah. 

Issac Southall born  1811 married Phoebe Walker, born  1813, on 8/7/1833 at Old Swinford. Issac was   baptised  at St Peters Cradley on 3/11/1811.

In 1851, they were living at Ash Bank Cradley. Living with them, besides their children were two lodgers, John Walker aged 25 years an unmarried Nail maker from Cradley and Eliza? Walker aged 21 years another unmarried Nail maker from Cradley.

 In 1861 Issac and Phoebe were at 149 Butchers Lane Cradley with all their children except Issac and no lodgers.

Issac died in 1881 age 69 and was buried at Cradley on 24/8/1881. His wife had died in 1877, age 64 and was  buried at Cradley on 8/8/1877. 

Their children were:

Caroline   baptised  31/12/1834 at Cradley.

Issac born 1837 at Cradley,  baptised  18/6/1837 at Hales Owen

George born 1839 at Cradley

Elizabeth born 1842

Rebecca born 1844

Hannah born 2/6/1846

Phoebe born 1849

Selina born 1852


In 1861, Issac Junior was living at 123a Butchers Lane with his wife Maria; nee Southwick, age 23 and their son Felix age 2 wks.  They were married at Cradley on 30/11/1857. They had two other children; Issac and Maria who were both  baptised  on August 4th 1862 at Cradley.

In 1881, Issac, a horse driver, and Maria were living at Lyde Green with a David Southwick, age 34, an unemployed puddler.


Hannah Southall married Felix Shaw, 5/9/1844, on 18/9/1865 at Old Swinford . Their children were: Frederick born 7/8/1871 in Kingswinford; Mary born 13/1/1868 at Kingswinford; Phoebe born 1873 at Dudley, Elizabeth born 6/4/1874 at Brockmoor;

Eliza born 5/3/1877 at Brockmoor and John born 1879 at Brockmoor.

Frederick Shaw married Hannah Florence Jones  on 10/4/1898 at Dudley. Hannah was born 7/12/1879. Frederick died in Toronto on 17/12/1912. He was the grandfather of Gloria Morris. 

George Southall was living in Colley Lane in 1881 with his wife Emma, nee Deeley. 

William Southall born circa 1831 at Cradley, the son of William and Mary Southall was christened at Hales Owen on 25/6/1837. He appears on the 1841 Census living in Butchers Lane. By 1851, the family had moved to Ash Bank:   


SOUTHALL William Head M 51 Nail maker WOR Cradley 

SOUTHALL Mary Wife M 50 Nail maker WOR Cradley 

SOUTHALL William Son U 19 Nail maker WOR Cradley 

SOUTHALL Mary A. Daughter U 17 Nail maker WOR Cradley 

SOUTHALL Joseph Son 14 Nail maker WOR Cradley 1

SOUTHALL Eliza? Daughter 12 Nail maker WOR Cradley 

SOUTHALL Sophia Daughter 8 Nail maker WOR Cradley 

Joseph Southall born 1836 died on 23/1/1910 at Cradley.

On 6/6/1852 William married Matilda Harper the daughter of Benjamin and the late Mary Ann Harper at St Thomas‘s Dudley. The 1861 census extract shows William and his wife Matilda living in Toyes Lane Cradley with Benjamin and his family.

1861 Census Extract

25 Toyes Lane

 Name                             Age

Benjamin  Harper 56
Thomas  Harper 20
Moses  Harper 17
Eli  Harper 12
Mary  Harper 8
William       Southall  30
Matilda  Southall 27
Caleb  Southall 8
Rhoda Southall 7
William  Southall 5
James Harper 58

Caleb married a girl named Sarah born 1852 at Cradley and they had the following children: Caleb born 1873; Frank born 1876;Thomas born 1878. 

Caleb died in 1877 and was buried at Cradley on 20/5/1877 age 24 years:

The following extract is from the 1881 Census;  (spelling mistakes and all)

   6 Mayplgap Lane Cradley Worcestershire

Sarah Southall Head Widow 29 F Washer Woman Cradley
Caleb Southall Son   8 M Scholar Cradley
Frank Southall Son   5 M Scholar Cradley
Thomas Southall Son   3 M   Cradley
PRO REF RG11 Piece 2884 Folio 73 Page 4        

William Southall born 1856 married Mary Redfern on 26/3/1877 at Hales Owen. His job was given as a chainmaker and she was a gun barrel borer. The witnesses were Thomas Neath and Martha Hadley

Mary, known as Polly, was the daughter of Charles and Ann Redfern and was born about 1857.

Charles Redfern had married Ann Taylor 0n 8/3/1847 at Hales Owen.

In 1851, Charles Redfern, a nail maker, age 31 years, was living at the Islington Hales Owen with his wife, Ann, a nail maker, age 30 years, born at Rowley, their son, William, age 10years, also a nail maker, their two daughters, Sarah, age 7 years and Martha, age 4 years and their youngest son Thomas age 1 year. Like all his children, Charles was born in Hales Owen.

Thomas Redfern was buried at St Johns, Hales Owen on 18/1/1852 age 2 years

By 1861, Charles and Anne had added Mary age 4 years and Elizabeth age 2 years to their family and their address is given as 37 Islington Street.  

According to the IGI index, Charles and Anne had another child in 1862, Bertha. She was christened at Hales Owen church on 31/8/1864.  

By 1881, Charles and Anne were not living together and Anne had remarried. It is quite possible that Charles had died but no record to confirm that has yet been found. In 1881, Ann Redfern nee Taylor, age 61, was living as the wife of nail forger, Thomas Cox, age 65 years born in Cradley. Living with them and described, probably wrongly, as their granddaughter was Bertha Redfern, a button edger, age 19 years.  

In 1861, Thomas Cox had been living at 126 Bundle Hill with his wife, Eliza, age 46 years and their children, Amelia, age 18 years and Benjamin, age 13 years.

William Southall, born 1856 and his wife Mary nee Redfern, somehow managed to not be included in the 1881 census but were counted in 1891 living at 11 Gaunts Yard, Hales Owen. 

The details given are: 

William        age 36 years a chain maker born in Cradley

Mary           age 36  -        gun barrel borer  -       - Hales Owen

Ebor           age  12

Elizabeth    age    9

Charles       age    6

Issac           age    4

Harry          age    4 months   

Ebor was born in Cradley while the remainder of the children were born in Hales Owen. 

Elizabeth Southall  born 1881 married Abel Holloway born 1881 on October 29th 1900 at Hales Owen and went to live at the Southall Family home in Gaunts Yard.

In 1901, Ebor Southall was lodging at 20 Gaunts Yard with his wife Margaret aged 19, their son Ebor aged three weeks. The householder was Eliza Jones described as a 27 year old charwoman. She was married but her husband was not at home. She had a daughter Lily aged 9, and two sons Edward and Benjamin, ages 3 and 1 year respectively. Lily Jones lived until she was 102 years old

Mary Ann Southall nee Redfern.


Ebor/Ebar Southall pictured with his wife Margaret nee Curren.




It would appear that Ebor moved out of the family home to let Elizabeth's husband Abel move in!


The following information about Hannah Southall, daughter of William Southall and Susannah Westwood, and her descendants, has been submitted by Linda Lamberg


Hannah Southall, daughter of William Southall & Susannah Westwood,  baptised 6.3.1796 at  Rowley Regis, married John Worton  on 18.10.1818 at St John's Parish Church, Hales Owen.   Witnesses were John and Elizabeth Bridgewater, Elizabeth was Hannah's sister.  John Worton was the son of John and Ann and was baptised at St Johns Hales Owen on 3.4.1796.

Hannah died 22.3.1862 Cradley.  John and Hannah both worshipped at Cradley Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.  John was a Forgeman & Nailer.  John died 10.12.1867  Butchers Lane  Cradley. 

Their children:  all born Cradley. 

Elizabeth 1819 Married Joseph Heath

Joseph 1821 Married Eliza Heath

Hannah 1823 Married 1) Thomas Deeley 2) John Shaw from Quarry Bank

John 1827 Married 1) Ann Yardley 2) Eliza Haidon

Sophia 1831 Married Job Jones moved to Liverpool

Phoebe 1833 died before 1841

Charles 1836 Married 1) Sarah Horton 2) Dinah Perry nee Wooldridge from Wollescote


1841 Census Cradley

1851 Census The Ashes Cradley

1861 Census Ash Bank Cradley


My Great x Grandfather John Worton born 1827 son of John and Hannah was baptised 2.9.1827 at Cradley.

John Worton b 1827

Married Ann Yardley born about 1828 Lye Waste daughter of Elijah Yardley and Jane Reading.  Jane, born about 1808 at Cradley, was the daughter of Michael Pratt Reading the Cradley Constable, Overseer & Relieving Officer.  John and Ann Married  22.5.1853 Stourbridge Wesleyan Church, Witnesses were John Hickin and Mary Reading.  Mary was Ann's Cousin, she married Josiah Bloomer.  Ann died from TB 31.12.1860.  John a Forgeman at Corngreaves Iron Works, a Trustee at Cradley Wesleyan Chapel, died on 24.12.1894 Overend. 

Their children: all born Cradley


  John Worton and Family 1867


Jane 1854 died 1859 from Whooping Cough

Matilda 1857 Married Edward Harbach

Joshua John b1859 Married Elizabeth Darby from Cradley Heath (her Uncle was Joseph Darby, who had a Tailor's Shop at the top of Windmill Hill.  He was a local Preacher, who went into the Chain Shops and Preached to the men on the shop floor.  He was held in such high regard in the Community, there's a Memorial Window dedicated to him in Overend Mission .)

Joshua John Worton b1859


1861 Census High Street Cradley

1871 Census Overend Cradley

1881 Census Overend Cradley

1891 Census Overend Cradley


My Great Grandparents Joshua Worton born 7.1.1859 married Elizabeth Darby from Cradley Heath, D of William Darby, Tailor, and Maria Stringer.  Elizabeth was born 17.12.1859.  They married on the 27.5.1882 St Edmunds Dudley.  Joshua was a Stock Taker/Time Keeper at Corngreaves Iron Works, and a Trustee of Cradley Wesleyan Chapel.  He died from TB on the 19.8.1913 Cradley Heath.  Elizabeth died on the 4.3.1936 at the home of her daughter Edith in Hawne Lane Hales Owen. 

Their children: 

Ann Maria Worton born 20.11. 1883 a Pupil Teacher and Pianist Died from TB in 1906 at Cradley Heath.

Edith May born 2.6.1894 Overend Cradley.  Married Edgar Haynes from Talbot Street Cradley. 

1881 Census Overend Cradley

1891 Census Overend Cradley

1901 Census St Lukes Street Cradley Heath 

My Grandparents Edith Worton Married Edgar Haynes 7.1.1918 Cradley Wesleyan Chapel.  Witnesses were Howard and Ethel Haynes, Edgar's brother and sister, also Arthur John Twigg, a Cousin of Edith's.  Edith was one of the first girls who went to Hales Owen Grammar School, she walked there and back everyday from Cradley Heath.  She became a School Teacher, teaching at Lomey Town , Old Hill and Wrights Lane .  Edgar was employed as a Commercial Clerk and Manager for Stewarts and Lloyds.   His parents were Benjamin Haynes, Under Pit Manager at Oldnall and Pamela Hackett from Hales Owen.  Edith and Edgar were both very devote Methodists, and spent their lives attending Chapel, in Cradley, then Short Cross and finally Hasbury Methodist Chapel.  Edgar died 15.9.1968 at his home in Hasbury, and Edith died 10.3.1970 at the home of her daughter Margaret in Hall Green Birmingham . 

Their only child was Margaret May Haynes born Hales Owen 22.3.1927.  She was a School Teacher at Cradley Church School and Hawne County Primary.  Married John Holland from Somerset 20.5.1950 Wells Methodist Church Somerset .  Margaret was a well known Pianist in Hales Owen, and often played the Church Organ at Hasbury Methodist Chapel.  She died on the 20.5.2004.


Pamela Hackett born 1859       


Edith and Edgars Wedding day



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