Wychbury Field-walking Group

Iron Age, Romano-British and Medieval Artefacts from Halesowen   (Continued)

The Roman period in Britain lasted from 43AD until 410AD when the legions were recalled by the Emperor Honorius to defend Roman interests on the continent. Photographs L to P show artefacts found on some of the Roman-British farmstead sites around Halesowen.


Photograph L shows a dolphin brooch made from copper alloy and dating to the 1st century. These types of brooches were a form of highly decorated safety pin used to fasten clothing before the introduction of buttons. This particular example is in a fair condition although incomplete with the pin, spring, foot and catch plate missing.

The rim of a Roman glass phial is shown in Photograph M. The fragment of glass is a complete rim of a narrow necked vessel although the neck has been recently broken by the plough. It is a blue/green opaque colour and has been identified as Roman in date by the elongated air bubbles visible within the glass.



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