Don Priest remembers Halesowen Technical School 1948-52


Don Priest writes:-

When I started there were 2 Technical classes ( all boys) organised alphabetically and 1 commercial class ( mainly girls) . At the start of the 3rd year, the two classes were combined

as some of the pupils had left aged 15. The 4th year combined with the commercial class. At the end of this year the GCe o levels were taken. This was the first year they replced the

London Matriculation. I have attemptd to identify my fellow students, some are certs , others doubtful. The group photo including Mr Johnson Ball was taken just before he was

dismissed as Headmaster. I did not keep in touch with any of my fellow students other than Graham Potter as we worked together for 5 years. He eventually became an industrial

chaplin but sadly died at a very young age.. I moved away from Halesowen following my stint of National Service and settled in Hampshire where I still reside. I often wonder if any of

the students are still with us. If so they will match me for age. I will be 87 in June (2022)



First Year 1948-49



Ist Year

Ist Year L to R

Back Row:- Jack Kean, NK, NK, Mr White?, Derek Kite, NK

Middle Row- Don Priest, Graham Stanier, Ken Ragett?, Chris Saunders?, NK, Brian Wilkes?,

Front Row:- Robert Wilkes, Tony Moore, Graham Potter, Eddie Preston, NK,NK,NK


                                                                                                                               Second Year 1949-50

2nd Year L-R

Back Row:- Jack Kean, Nk,NK,NK, Tony Moore, Derek Kite

Middle Row:- Eddie Preston , NK, Don Priest, Graham Potter, Scotier?

Front Row:-  Chris Saunders ?, Cyril Perks, Graham Stanier, Mr Cram, Ken Ragett?, NK, NK

                                                                                                                                Third Year 1950-51 

3rd Year L-R

Back Row:- NK, Malcolm Anderson, NK,? Scotier?

Middle Row:- Chris Saunders?, Jack Kean, ? Goodwin, ? Bright?, Graham Evans.

Front Row:- Tony Moore, NK, Cyril Perks, Mr. Bolton 'Bomber', Graham Potter, Don Priest, Eddie Preston 

                                                                                                                      Fourth Year 1951-52

4th Year Lto R

Back Row :- Cyril Perks, ? Lloyd?, ? Bright?, Derek Kite, Graham Potter

Front Row:- Eddie Preston, NK, Anne Priddy, Pauline Baker, Jean Arnold, Jean Whitty, Don Priest


                                                                                                                                        Fourth Year 1952 


4th Year L to R

Back Row:- Cyril Perks, ? Lioyd ?, ? Bright?, Derek Kite, Graham Potter,

Front Row:- Eddie Preston, NK , Anne Priddy, Pauline Baker, Jean Arnold, Jean Whitty, Don Priest, plus Mr Johnson Ball

As a result of these photographs appearing on our Facebook page, Ann Kite writes :- Lovely pics! Thank you for them. I'm Derek Kites daughter. He's 87, is a wheelchair user but he's doing well.    

                                                                                                                              Derek Kite

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