Wychbury Field-walking Group

Iron Age, Romano-British and Medieval Artefacts from Halesowen  

By Martyn Cole, Mike Smith (Wychbury Field-walking Group)


The following series of photographs show artefacts recovered from ploughed fields around Halesowen dating from the very end of the prehistoric age, through the Roman-British period and into medieval times.

The Iron-Age is the final prehistoric period starting around 800BC and effectively finishing when the Romans invaded Britain in 43AD. Photograph K shows a pot sherd from a large Iron Age storage vessel. The clay was tempered with Dolerite grit to help prevent the pot exploding in the kiln as it was being fired. It was found on one of the several Roman-British sites in the Halesowen area suggesting a continuity of site usage from the Iron Age through to the Roman period.







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