Shirley Butler, from New Zealand , has sent the following photograph to HalesOwen Roots and writes:-

'The elderly man on the left with hat is David Brittain standing next to him is his wife
Bertha (hard to see shaded) who all the others could be no idea. This photo would 
have been taken before Bertha died 11 September 1941'

Judging by the bunting and the decorations on the housing, I believe that scene depicted here is a street party to celebrate the Coronation of King George V1 on May 12th 1937.

The Brittain's shop was in New Street Hasbury so I would say that this party took place there, I can positively identify the  lady seated in the zig zag dress as Lily Hodgkins of Cross Street.

My wife identifies the lady seated next to Lily ,with her arm on her chair, as Lily's sister Martha . Colin Holloway identifies the grey haired lady sitting opposite to Martha and Lily as their mother Elizabeth Hodgkins, their mother.

After the houses in Cross Street were demolished, Lily and Martha moved to Foxhunt Road and lived next to my wife's mothers family. I don't remember Martha but Lily lived there until the 1990's. My children regularly popped across the garden to visit Lily and listen to her tales.

Caroline Howard writes:- 

We have been looking at a photo on Halesowen roots and my father recognises  a few people thought it might be of interest.

My father is the little boy in the front row Peter Burt age 6 at the time he was born 14/01/31He lives with me in Clent now .

He recognises his mother- lady far right on picture Rose Burt nee Bradley ,his father Frank Burt the gentleman in the bowler hat 6th person from right top row.
Lady far right bottom row sitting down on chair is his Auntie Ciss Partridge nee Bradley. His brother Douglas Burt in centre of picture wide smile dark hair white shirt and tie next to the lad with his eyes closed Roy James.
Lady in Apron far left Mrs Harris with her son standing immediately behind her Bert Harris.  

Hope this is of interest to you think he must be the only one still alive at 84 !

He lived in Halesowen most of his life, still with a good memory too.

Can anyone else put a name to any of the faces in the photograph above? If you can please

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Regular Contributor Ken Williams writes ' The lady sitting to the right of the grey haired lady as we look at the photo and immediately above the little boy, is my Aunt, Emily Williams (Nee Palmer). I thought it was as soon as I saw it but wasn't sure because her and my Uncle Percy lived in Wall Well as far as I remembered but I checked with their Grandson Roger who not only confirmed they used to live in New Street, but that it was Emily when he went into the site and looked at the photo. There is a young lady standing to the left of the photo who looks like my mother, Gladys, but I don't think it can be because I know for a fact that Mom & Dad were still living in either Spring Gardens or Birmingham Street in 1937 before moving to Foxhunt road in 1938'


Shirley informs me that Bertha Brittain was her great grandmother and the daughter of Charles and Eliza Withers who ran the British Arms and Royal Arms public houses in the period 1881to 1911

The British Arms shown here is the first building on the left


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