David Allen's Grammar School Photo

Don Priest's Halesowen Technical School Photos

Diamond Jubilee 1897 Updated October 2014

School  Photos

Phil Waldren Collection

Hales Owen in Postcards

More Postcards From David Vickers

Hasbury Farm

19-20 Great Cornbow approx 1960

Street Party 1937 Hasbury Submitted by Shirley Butler

The Ken Williams Collection:- Hales Owen 1972

The Old Beehive Inn

Craddocks Boot and Shoe Shop

Hasbury Youth Fellowship 1954

Hales Owen Institute/Helen House Submitted by Helen Brady

Hales Owen Scout Troop circa 1910-1914 submitted by Anthony Farrar

Bertha Brittain Outside her shop in New Street Hales Owen Submitted By Shirley Butler

Hales Owen Railway Station Photo Updated 28/7/2010

Illey Mill Submitted by Steven Smith

Mucklows Brothers Football Team 1934/5; Submitted by Richard Silvester

Hales Owen Scout Troop 1950 Submitted by Jim Tether

Updated 8/6/2011

Church Lane:- Early 1900's Submitted by Julia Jones

Hales Owen Heritage Trail  

A Hales Owen Policeman in High Street 1921 

2 Photographs of White Friars Cottages submitted by Kim Gamble 

 Photographs of the Great Cornbow submitted by Kim Gamble  

Mervyn Photos

Hales Owen Pictures and Photos

Coombs Wood Basin To Gorsty Tunnel

Aerial Photograph Of Hales Owen circa 1950: Submitted by Simon Clarke  

The Clent Hills Video

Illey Lane Cottage:- Help required  

Sydney Brittain Identifed

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