Have just come across the picture of the Halesowen Scout troop circa 1910/14 on the Halesowen Roots website. I can support Dennis Wakelam in identifying Alec Edward Boucher as the scout with his hand on the cart. I believe that he received the Military Cross for bringing back a wounded comrade from no-mans land between the front lines under fire. You may be interested to know he had three brothers Ernest, Cyril and Denis who also enlisted and both Cyril and Denis were wounded in action but survived. Cyril and Denis were both bell ringers at Claverley and the whole team enlisted with the KSLI on the same day in 1914. Cyril was my grandfather and named his eldest son, my father, Alec. Cyril's youngest son Ernest George flew Hurricanes and Typhoons in the Second World War was shot down in October 1943, evaded capture and got back in January 1944 only to be KIA in August 1944. His story is told in The Faithful Few by Andrew Long