1st Halesowen Scouts and Cubs 1950


Below is a photograph submitted by Jim Tether of Hurst Green showing a troop of Halesowen Scouts and Cubs in 1950.

The photograph was taken in the garden of Miss Grove , the Cedars, which was next to the Button factory in Stourbridge Road.

Jim can name all but six of the people portrayed. Does anyone know who any of the unnamed six were?




                                               Halesowen Cubs and Scouts 1950                                         

Miss Lang, Miss Ros Grove,

R Caradine, T Greaves,  ?,  Ronnie Billingham,   K Woodhouse,  M Mullet,

?, Miss Drew, Mrs Probert,                            Skipper Tromans, James Clay, Jack Davis

J Williams,  ?  Parker,   J Chattin,  Michael Saxton,   J Pearshouse,  ? Jones, M Lowe,  ?,   C Brown, Graham Hughes, T Garbut, J Storer, B Bradley, Cedric Wood

G Bradley, B Newman, D Perry, B Lowe, K Lippitt, E Alard, M Robinson, N Tether, M Shuker, J Tether, M Brettle,R Neale

J Stevens, D Harris, J Powel, A Cook, J Neal, R Drew, R Lewis, R Allsop, C Coley, G Williams


Graham Longley writes to tell me that the Hughes in the photo was Graham Hughes.

Brian Chapman writes:- 

'Hi John, firstly I must say how delighted I am at discovering "roots" !  I believe that  - whilst  recognising many of the faces in your picture - I can name two of the presently 'unknowns'. The scout on the left of Miss Groves is Ronnie Billingham and the scout to the left of Jimmy Pearsehouse is Michael Saxton. Cedric Wood ,Graham Payne and myself were pretty close for many years. Sadly, Graham passed away about 6 weeks ago.I do have access to several pictures one of which includes the aforementioned friends leaving to play a cub football match - I will forward a copy to you shortly. I can remember that Mr. Davis gave a demonstration of rope climbing in the church hall - I understood that he was  'real' ex- commando and had just returned from " active service ". I do remember also, " camp" at Walton Pool and visiting the site at at Kinver on a few occasions. In the early fifties I joined the A.T.C. - over the road - and that is another story which has never really gone away !'  Regards, Brian Chapman - (Doncaster

James Clay writes:-

'Browsing through Halesowen Roots I was interested to see a picture the old troop ,bringing back a few memories’
I am on the back row next to Jack Davies and Skipper I believe I was Assistant Scoutmaster at the time of the picture. I will have a look to see what pictures I can find ,the cub mistress by the way is Ross Grove. We ought to have a re union.'


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