The Old Beehive Hasbury


This is the Old Beehive Inn that was situated on Spring Hill in Hasbury Halesowen.

Dorian submitted the following pencil drawing to www.picturesilove.com

He has given permission for this fine drawing to appear here.


Dorian writes on www.picturesIlove,com

 'My wife gave me an Old photo from her family tree collection. This was once an old pub they used to run in the 1870s. I have no problem with you using this drawing whatsoever. It's a shame that it has now long gone, and many a visit we have paid to the Church yard with the friendly squirrels... I do have other drawings, but done at an early stage of my drawing life.Always looking for that next challenge, so if you have anyone who has an old photo they would like me to draw, let me know... I will complete and pass over a copy'